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AddMark-2015 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Valencia, Spain. We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “International Conference on Social Media, SEO & Marketing Strategies (AddMark-2015)” which is going to be held during November 3-4, 2015 in Valencia, Spain. AddMark is one of the best Digital Marketing Conference Europe in 2015. This is where the future of Advertising and Marketing intersects. AddMark-2015 conference series is where marketers go to gain perspective on the latest platforms Online marketing, Brand Marketing, RetailingB2B marketing, media models, emerging start-ups, and opportunities that will drive the future of the advertising landscape. We bring together business, creative, and technology leaders from the advertising, marketing, and media industry for the most current and relevant.

The advertising industry and marketing europe has been enjoying strong revenues, economies are going up with a good rebound since the global recession ended in 2009. Analysts estimated the global market totaled $509.0 billion for 2013, and will grow 5.3% to $532.0 billion in 2014. They further estimate that growth will accelerate to 5.8% per year in 2015 and 2016.Valencia is one of Spain’s largest cities, and a major center of economy and industry. The port of Valencia, which handles 20% of Spain’s exports, is the country’s biggest port for container traffic. From mid the Eighties, with the entrance of Spain in the European Community, the flow of immigrants has experienced a remarkable and progressive growth. In those same dates a qualitative change in the type of immigration begins to take place, sending the European presence and increasing coming from Africa and Latin America.

This Marketing Conference is organized by OMICS International. OMICS through its Conference Series organizes 1000+ conferences  Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific associations and Publishes 700+ open access journals  which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

AddMark-2015 would be certainly one of the Best Information Marketing Conference which will bring forth the pace in scientific discoveries through energetic discussions and exceptional talks. Join us and take part in carving out a better tomorrow aiding the blooming research through sharing your invaluable research experiences at this prestigious Conference series on social media, SEO & marketing strategies..

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Track 1: Online Marketing

The internet has transformed business marketing. Many other business models are using the internet to promote their business via websites, blogs, email, social media sites. In marketing Electronic word of mouth (eWoM) became one of the most effective things which affect the brand image.  The consumer purchasing journey has evolved. Consumer brand experiences produce both positive and negative e-WOM, which increasingly are being indexed to appear in search engine results. The marketing strategies now need to be extended to integrate variables such as shared brand experience and searchable electronic word of mouth (e-WOM).

Digital marketing investments will drive brand experiences across the customer life cycle. By the end of 2015, spend on digital marketing will top $67 billion — growing to 27% of all ad spend. In fact, we believe this will surpass TV spend by 2016; there’s more to the story than ad spend.

Track 2: Marketing in Emerging and Transition Economies

This Digital Marketing Conference Europe will bring together experts from the respective fields. Advertising has a very important and vital role in the image building and marketing of products and or services in this rapidly changing competitive world. Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding. Creative ads more effective in inspiring people to buy products than ads that simply catalogue product attributes or benefits.  Humor and other entertaining content, as opposed to demonstrations of product features and "selling," are increasingly used in advertising, such as TV commercials, to attract and keep consumers' attention.  Satisfaction measurement must be an inherent part of the solution and any changes or trends part of the KPIs or company dashboard. Many companies today are investing heavily in customer success and satisfaction. Only 37% of brands received good or excellent customer experience index scores in 2014. The current trends of marketing are facing legal problems of trade mark copyrights. Trademarks that are distinctive and have qualified for trademark protection may lose that protection by becoming generic in the mind of the public.

Track 3: Advertising Services and Promotion

This advertising conference will explains all advertising services includes from online to offline with Web site design, Social Media maintenance, Print design, Photography, and Outdoor advertising services like bringing out billboards, hoardings etc.  Embedded advertising is basically product placement turned up a notch. Embedded advertising has the potential to attract viewers. The lighting advertisements in the current trends of marketing making them more Bright and beautiful. Promotion refers to all the non-advertising activities carried out to build awareness or a favorable image about a product or a service. Typically, promotions include exhibitions, trade fairs, contests and road shows. Promotion research helps an organization foresee the outcome of all such activities it wishes to undertake. Mobile advertising is precise and powerful, with the ability to target by demographics, location, device, and behavior across mobile devices. BI Intelligence finds that US mobile ad spend will top nearly $42 billion in 2018, rising by a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43% from 2013. Cross promotions are playing a vital role in the current marketing trends, they can save businesses time and money and increase advertising exposure, since more than one business can team up to launch a dynamic campaign.

Track 4: Taking New Initiatives in the Field of Advertising

By turbocharging conversation with customers and market influencers, social media has made public relations central to the marketing mix in ways it never was before. Digital channels are beginning to rank among the top-budgeted areas of marketers’ program spend. To sustain in the current emerging trends of advertising marketers are using different aspects as majors in their ads, like music the entertainment aspect of music makes an advertisement more appealing. They are finding new ways of targeting to specific age group or specific demographics. Currently most of the advertisements finding following new tactics to attract young children.

Track 5: International and Cross-Cultural Marketing

This marketing expo europe will focus on strategies that are taking place in the current era. The emotional appeals in advertising making the affective appeals appear to drive behavioral intentions more strongly in the longer-term perspective. Marketers are increasingly using irony and humor as best a way to advertise. Celebrity branding communicate a clear sense of uniqueness so that customers can take ownership of the brand image and feel that some of the qualities will rub off on them if they buy it. The concept of bounded rationality is far-reaching and is of influence in marketing decision making as much as consumer decision making.

Track 6: Advertising and its impact

Advertisement can affect people in many different ways, both good and bad. Cosmetic product Advertisements are very good at making their product sound useful rather than saying is pros and cons. Facebook has an incredible audience, 950 million strong and counting. This audience is immensely attractive to Brands and Marketers around the world. Multicultural marketing is taking on new dimensions. Where one advertisement or promotional strategy should reach to every person in the world with a similar way to attract. During the past four decades, women and men carved out and created more equitable workplaces, recalibrated domestic duties. In a recent meta-analysis of 64% advertisements are stereotypes and gender –focused. Although more companies are using premium-print technologies in their advertising, empirical research has yet to examine the effectiveness of such executions.  Customer attitudes towards the ads and brands were also positively influenced by the use of high-quality paper and a highly glossy print design. Advertisements and brands, appearing on premium print, were perceived as more prestigious.

Track 7: Consumer Behavior

The path of purchasing products has evolved significantly over the past few years as online and mobile have provides consumers and shoppers with new platforms for product discovery and shopping. Retailers are currently approaching their consumers through qualitative research, Segmenting for strategic decision making and growth and Revealing the stages and touch points that influence consumer brand choices. The consumer purchasing journey has evolved. E-word mouth is playing a major role in consumer decision making before going to buy a product. Creativity in advertising is a balancing act. Creative advertising is needed but When is it most appropriate? Is the point. 

Track 8: Retailing Online

By 2015, International ecommerce spending is projected to hit $1.4 trillion. As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. Retail media is a key part of both the brand and trade marketing mix. It is the final opportunity to communicate with customers before they make their purchase decisions. Omni channel customer engagement combines multimodality, orchestration, and journey management to provide a great customer experience with compelling business outcomes, and leading companies are embracing it for competitive advantage.  Good merchandising drives visitors to your store, increase sales, Build Loyalty. Today's stores set the stage for a carefully refined shopping experience, designed to stimulate parts of a customer's brain to purchase goods or services. According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, as many as 70% of a customer's purchasing decisions are made in the store it reveals the importance of shopper marketing. Retail Design takes an innovative and progressive approach to addressing design issues intrinsic to the evolution and transformation of retail environments.

Track 9: Brand Marketing

Many popular brands are using activations to brand development and give the consumer an experience that will make them feel a real personal connection to the company. This marketing expo spain will also targets on brand marketing strategies.This also encompasses the brand figuring out a few core features that will distinguish them amongst their competition in crowded marketplaces. They have to find brand positioning that will uncover assets that will highlight long term benefits to the company.  Brand category is an important thing before going for promotional aspects. Channel marketing is the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, expand markets and increase customer satisfaction often make business partnerships too productive to pass up. Category Management is a strategic approach which organizes procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spends. This enables category managers to focus their time and shopper insights to fully leverage their procurement decisions on behalf of the whole organization.

Track 10: Marketing Strategy

To compete in the current trends of marketing Creative ideas in advertising & marketing become very much important.  Digital strategies in marketing made it a whole lot tougher now we’ve got a whole slew of TV channels, millions of web sites and hundreds of thousands of “Apps”.  Digital marketing is essential in today's world. With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead. Using digital strategies in promotional strategies, to make shopper experience much better. Integrated marketing strategies take advantage of a combination of communication tools and media to spread a message. Integrated marketing draws upon the power of traditional advertising and public relations efforts, as well as the use of new, planning directions through online communication tools that include social media.


Track 11: SEO & Analytics

SEO is a very viable marketing tool that can bring a better return on investment ROI than traditional forms of marketing. Our Internet marketing conference will be the best place to gain knowledge on latest perspectives of SEO & analytics. One of the best ways to maximize your leads is using Landing Page Optimization Strategies.  Landing pages are key aspects in every online marketing strategy. The SEO landscape is ever transforming which led to an evolution in search marketing and creating opportunities for marketers. The new currency for the online marketers is Keywords. Each keyword represents a conversation going on in the mind of our prospects, which leads to get them to our page.



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